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We Serve Our Clients With Dedication and Integrity


About MP Business Alternative Loans 

MP Business Alternative Loans in Portland is a sister company of Mom and Pop Merchant Solutions DBA Mom & Pop Business Funding, which is an innovator within the business loan alternative space.

We arrived at the inception of the industry and watched as the Automated Clearing House (ACH) withdraw replaced the need for a merchant cash advance via their credit card processing machine.  

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We are comprised of an expert team with years of industry experience. We do not work with the business owner directly. Rather, we are a source of funding with the country's largest Independent Sales Organization (ISO) network. Our relationships with our ISO partners allows us to do what we do best (underwrite files and fund loans) and allows the ISO to do what they do best (work with the business owner).

Without the ISO, there would be no us. This is a model we started the day we entered the business loan alternative space, and this is the model we represent today. We protect our ISOs, and because of this, we have built a reputation as a company that puts honesty and integrity ahead of everything we do. As the saying goes among our management team, "without you, there is no us."


The company was created to provide small 

business owners with unsecured working 

capital. We have an emphasis on underwriting company performance online instead of just 



The company expanded to Australia, Japan, 

and China. We exceeded $3 billion dollars in 

small business loan alternatives and exceeded its 25,000th ISO.


The company closed on its $8 billionth dollar worth of small business loan alternatives and went on to procure its seventh $100 million 

dollar credit facility.


The company expanded to Canada and Mexico and exceeded $450 Million in small business 

loan alternatives via our staff of independent

sales people across America.


The company was hired to create a merchant 

cash advance division on behalf of a publicly 

traded corporation based out of Texas named Excel Corporation.

Repeat Customers for Life

We help business owners receive the working capital they've needed as they've needed it in order to stay above water, grow, strive, and succeed.

That's why more than 90% of your clients go on to become repeat customers in the days, weeks, months, and years to come.

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A Personal Touch

While America’s banks see small business owners' worth on paper, along with credit, we get to know our customers as individuals. Because our veteran underwriters take a more hands-on approach with you and your clients on a more personal level, this helps the merchants grow and succeed.

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Here for the Long Haul

Our management team has seen them come and go over the years and we have gone on to become one of the oldest most trusted brands in the industry because we pay attention to the needs of our ISOs and their clients. We were never in this for a quick buck. That was the last thing on management’s minds.

Our company has stood the test of time due to the principles of honesty and integrity. There's no substitute for doing the right thing.

“Brick by brick my citizens, brick by brick.”

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Travel Agency Financing

Our team helps travel agencies procure working capital in the toughest of conditions regardless of credit.

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Caregiver Facilities Capital for

All SIC Codes 

Our management team helps caretaker facilities secure working capital in the toughest of conditions.

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Computer Store Financing Home Based Businesses 

Our management team loves to work with business owners associated within any aspect of the computer-related fields.

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Restaurant Financing Regardless of Credit

Our team has helped thousands of restaurants procure working capital in the toughest of conditions regardless of credit.

“There are many things that set our ISO program apart from our competitors, but more than anything, we've made our program simple. Our systems allow you to spend your precious time marketing, not jumping through hoops. We understand how busy you can get throughout the day, but more importantly, we understand that when you need something for your client, that chances are great you'll need it right away. This is why Mom and Pop Merchant Solutions DBA Mom and Pop Business Funding has arrived at a very simple system that will offer you the best benefits in the industry bar none, while doing so in a timely manner.

You have my word on that-”

- Bret Martin (Acting CEO of Mom and Pop Merchant Solutions DBA Mom & Pop Business Funding)

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What Is an ISO Partner

(You, If You Take Our Class)

ISOs are defined as an Individual Sales organization (or individual) that works closely with merchant or business owner to an intermediary between the prospective recipient of the working capital. Once the ISO has emailed the application and 3 months bank statements and 3 months credit card statements if they take credit cards or, 6 months banks statements if they don't take credit cards, Mom & Pop will send the ISO an approval and a contract for their merchant/business owner.

Mom & Pop Model

Mom & Pop breaks away from conventional business models where the funder works directly with the business owner. Instead, we work via our ISOs who are the face with the business owner, and Mom & Pop is strictly a wholesale provider.

Mom & Pop does not work directly with the business owner other than on funding calls. No matter how unorthodox or "out of the box" this may be, ISOs love this model as Mom & Pop does not compete with the ISO for their client ever. In fact, we do not have a retail side to us whatsoever that calls on merchants.

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